How to Preserve a Turkey Foot

Preserve your turkey feet for a Unique Souvenir

If you want to preserve wild turkey feet use this easy to follow quick tip for salting, drying and positioning the feet for good display results.

First, you will need a turkey foot or two, cut them at the joint at the top of the scaly leg so that the joint is exposed and the bone is still intact.

Find a small cardboard box, some zip ties and non-iodine salt.

Position the Turkey Feet

Position your turkey foot in the box so that it is open and pressing towards the bottom of the inside of the box. This will dry the foot in the position that looks like it is making those turkey tracks you are always looking for.

Zip Tie into Position

Cut two small holes on the outside of the box on the outside edges the top portion of the leg and slide the zip tie into one of the holes, around the leg and back through the other hole.


Salt the top open part of the leg liberally with the non-iodine salt and leave it in a cool dry place for about 3 weeks. Every few days to up to a week take a look at how the salt is doing and knock off any wet salt. Replace it with new salt and push it into the open section of the leg.

When the salt falls off and the open joint appears dry the foot should be safe to remove from the box and will stand on its own. The entire foot should not be flexible. If it is, set it back up for more dry time.

If you are looking for something to do with those preserved feet, give my bookend project a try.

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