Ghillie or 3D Leafy Suit?

Should you get a ghillie or a 3D Leafy Suit?

This has been debated.  Should I get a ghillie suit and be invisible but limit my mobility or should I get a 3D Leafy Suit and be less effective as a ghillie but has some improved mobility?   Hot Shot Gear sent me both to try and and report my findings for you.  My initial findings are on YouTube. 

The leafy suit and the ghillie suit both have a mesh fabric they are made out of that could act as an insect shield.  The leafy suit mesh is just a green where the ghillie suit mesh has a camo pattern printed on it.  The mesh allows for air to pass in and out making a good warm weather option and the elastic and interior room make it easy to layer underneath if you plan on layering up in cold weather.

Both suits have elastic waist bands with a drawstring and locking cam. The jackets and pants both are made with elastic on the arms and bottom of the legs.  The ghillie suit has larger snapped openings on the legs to accommodate larger boots.

The tops both have snaps in the front and drawstrings in the hoody.  The leafy suit hood does not have a locking cam or stop so it will need to be tied and a hat may be necessary to prevent it from pulling down on your face.

The 3D Leafy Suit is lightweight and packable but does not come with a carry bag.

The ghillie suit exterior stings and fabric is a debris magnet and will pick up sticks and leaves.  Thorny bushes will get stuck on them and pull some of the stings off when removed.

The hood for the ghillie suit has a locking drawstring and the face covering also has a locking drawstring to keep it secured above your nose.  It also comes with a bag to prevent it from snagging items in your backpack.

The ghillie is also a little bit heavier so it may be a little bit more restrictive in its movements and that is simply because of the fabric and strings.

I will be posting those videos on YouTube as the 2022 deer season progresses but in the mean time, if you are curious about this yourself.  Check out each on Hot Shot Gear.

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