Ozonics HR500

Scent Elimination with the HR500

If you’ve been burned by scent control before, you’re not alone. You’ve tried sprays, clothes, and a dozen other techniques only to get busted by your target before you even raised your bow. Not anymore. The patented scent elimination technology of Ozonics is scientifically proven to maximize your existing opportunities and create new ones you thought were unattainable. You’ll get closer to more animals and bigger game, including the elusive ones that seem like the stuff of legend. Ozonics gives you a better way to hunt, and it’s the only scent management tool you’ll ever need.


No matter how much you’ve prepared for the hunt, your body is always producing scent. That’s why you need an active scent management tool that can reduce, alter, and eliminate your odor in the field. By creating a constant stream of ozone, your Ozonics device destroys your human scent so deer and other animals can’t tell you’re there.


Your Ozonics device is easy to mount to your treestand or ground blind and allows you to hunt purely based on the animal’s location, not the direction of the wind. Simply layer the scent elimination power of Ozonics over the current wind direction and watch as the science of scent-destroying ozone brings more opportunities and more success.


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