Scent Elimination

Are you as skeptical as I am when it comes to a machine that is supposed to hide your human and other scents from your prey?  If so, then I am about to do something for all of us negative Nancy’s.  I will be taking the HR500 from Ozonics and put myself in some tight quarters with deer during my bow hunting season.

In the past I have washed my clothes in baking soda, dried it out in the wind and then stored them in a sealed bag with a sprig or two of a pine tree.  I know of guys that have gone to extensive lengths to prevent any human smells from contaminating the hunt area including walking in rubber boots that are kept out of the house in a location away from soaps, fumes, cooking and everything human to completely removing any tree trimmings they cut and touched with their hands in the area when prepping shooting lanes.

I think we have all been busted by a buck that made you realize that no matter how good your camo was, no matter how quiet you were and no matter how still you sat, your human stink is just to easy for a weary buck to be alerted of your presence.  That buck makes you crazy, he makes you develop a series of processes you stay strict with so you can reduce your human stench.  You look for way to help, you have read about these ozone machines but just don’t trust a gadget and think it is all a hoax just to get your hard earned cash.  

I hope to debunk this theory we have all developed without our own test.  The reason I hope that I have been wrong is because I need it to work, desperately! 

How do they say it works?

Ozonics states that by creating a constant stream of ozone, your their device destroys your human scent so deer and other animals can’t tell you’re there.  They say that as it electronically changes ordinary oxygen into ozone, it chemically alters your human odors to leave you undetectable. Ozonics also says that the right concentration of ozone and the right amount of time will always destroy your human scent.

All that sounds great, but if you watch my YouTube Channel in the near future, you will know how it performs.  It  sounds great, if it works on deer, I wonder if it works on my wife?

In the box is the unit, some mounting hardware and a charger for the battery.  You can control the unit with your phone or with a separate remote like this one.  The app will give you temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise, sunset and your coordinates that I suspect it reads from the unit sensors and your smart phone.


The unit does have several settings for the intensity of ozone produced from standard, boost and hyper boost, along with some setting for you to use as a scent elimination driwash for your clothing, if you were to purchase their drywash bag or locker system.

Ozonics states that if you place this unit to operate in a downwind fashon from your hunting location, the ozone generator will bind with your human scent molocules in the air and destroy them, making your scent undetectable by anything downwind.

There is a question that has been brought to my attention about lung safety. Ozonics states that some people have mild reactions to ozone like watery eyes or lightheadedness.  They say their units are built to the federal safety standards set by OSHA, the EPA and NIOSH.  I have read some of the studies on ozone effects on lungs which most are conducted indoors and the effects have been similar to your lungs getting a sunburn.  For this unit I will be treating it like I would a lawnmower exhaust.  If you start your lawnmower up in your house, it would be bad for your lungs (and you may have some other conditions to have evaluated)  outside, as long as your are down wind and exposure is small, you will probably be ok.  For me, the set up will be downwind (where my prey will be) and not where I can breath it in.

I am hopeful it improves my interactions this year and I have the perfect place to try it out that is always tough to not be discovered in.


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