Quick Backcountry Defense

Be Ready for When you Least Expect It

I have been in a few places that just made my skin crawl.  Sneaking around in areas where Grizzly Bears, Black Bears and Mountain Lions could be around the corner or in some cases, watching you walk right by could be temping danger to launch itself on you.  For years I have carried my side arm on my pack belt when moving from spot to spot but moving my handgun to my chest gives me a little more confidence that I can get to it faster if it is ever needed.

Warden Chest Holster by Elite Survival - $65

The Warden Chest Holster by Elite Survival give my the option of making my handgun ready with and without my backpack with just a few clips, keeping me ready to defend myself when either hiking up a tough incline with my hands up high or when I head to the edge of camp for a quick tinkle.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Chest rig is available in right or left hand
  • Non-slip backing keeps shoulder strap in place
  • Elastic band over holster for added stability

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