GoSun Go Pro Pack

A Hot Meal in Your Pack

If you have ventured out hunting where you can roam, you can often find yourself miles from where you started.  When you have ventured out that far, it is good to have a meal with you but does it always have to be a protein bar?

I have been curious about this GoSun Go Pro Pack for a while.  It can purify your water and cook your meal if you can see a shadow.

This little solar oven only weight 2lbs, will cook about 14 ounces of food from diced items, small fish or packs of dehydrated food.  

Is isn’t a large item to fit in your backpack at only 14.17″ x 7″ x 3.37″ so if you are trying to cary around a fuel source, burner and small pot,  it is about the same size.

If you can see a shadow, get your meal loaded and be ready for a hot meal because this oven can reach 550 degrees!

This Portable Solar Oven cooks a meal in 20 minutes or boils water. Great for camping, backpacking, events, and survival. Complete package with Go Silicone Baking Pans, Solar Dial, and Carrying Bag.

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