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Help Me Choose the Best Pronghorn Hunting Camo

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I need your help!  I will be heading to hunt pronghorn in August, a 2,300 mile trip to high plain deserts surrounded by breathtaking views and I am looking to get a new set of hunting camo.  I have hunted this area before and I know what the surround area has in store for me.  I will be attempting Spot and Stalk and blind hunting methods so where the camo will really need to prove itself, is in my spot and stalk hunts.

Pronghorn do have a protanopia type color blindness, but their vision is different than deer because they shape of their protruding eyes allows them to see like they are looking through a set of 8X binoculars, are able to pick up movement at 3 miles away and see 300 degrees of the area around them.  With vision like that blending in is crucial.

My goal is to obtain a warm weather sun blocking hoodie, lightweight pants yet durable pants and a light jacket for mornings that might be a little chilly.  These choices won’t be apples to apples but I am trying to assemble a set of those three items for a warm to hot sunny days with little cover and cool crisp mornings.

I am going choose several sets of camo from different brands and let you see the environment with each camo pattern.   I am keeping the number small so we are not trying to pick from the 130 plus patterns I have on the Camo Matrix, I am just picking 6 that seem to have a good color scheme and have hot weather selections. 

The Choices are: –First Light Specter, Forloh Exposed, Gulch Gear CrossCover Brown, Hiden Aride Exile, Kryptek Obskura Transitional, Kuiu Valo

I will let everyone chime in with their choice after watching this video and I will purchase and wear the number 1 pick on my trip this August, share the trip and my findings on the real world effectiveness.

Here are a few shots of the area I will be hunting that I took on my last trip.  This area is heavy sage and very open with some pockets of green where herds of pronghorn will water.  Below you will see the patterns on these backgrounds and a link to a YouTube Video placing each camo pattern on the background. When you think you have the best option, submit your choice. 

Pick Your Favorite

For selecting your favorite, I will enter you in a raffle to receive a camo matrix hat.  This page will also have information on each one of these choices so you can investigate the features each item has to offer.  On top of that, if you head over to Instagram and find the Pick My Camo post, tag a buddy, make your choice and you will be entered twice along with your buddy.  If you are your buddy are selected, both of you win a hat.  The number of hats being given away will be based on the number of guesses I get and of course the number of hats I have to give.

Let’s get started with the first set of camo in the environment.

Firstlite Choices:
Warm Weather Top:


Warm Weather Pant
$150.00 USD

Chilly Morning Jacket

This set up will cost $370.

Forloh Choices:

Warm Weather Top
Men’s SolAir Technical Hoodie
Regular price $149.00

Warm Weather Top and Extra Layer
Insect Shield® SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt $109

Warm Weather Pant
Insect Shield® SolAir Lightweight Pants $179
Each item mentions UPF 50+ sun protection, odor control technologies, and temperature regulating cooling minerals
This set up will total out at $437.00

Gulch Gear -CrossCover Brown - USA Made

Gulch Gear Choices:

Because a lightweight hoodie is not an option here, I will have to add the Lightweight Facemask.

Warm Weather Top and Facemask for head cover.

Men’s Lightweight Face Mask $ 39.98

Men’s Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt $ 69.99

Early to Midseason Jacket for Cool Mornings

Men’s Inceptor Jacket $ 189.99

Early to Midseason Pants

Men’s Inceptor Pant $154.99

The Facemask and shirt are Made with NEXT TO SKIN Polartec® Power Grid® lightweight knit fabric to keep me dry and cool.  The pants are lightweight and quick dry for early to midseason use.

This set up will be around $454

Hiden Choices:

Warm Weather Top


highly breathable moisture-wicking fabric with odor control.

Multi-Season Pant


Water repellant, moisture wicking and odor control

Early to Mid Season Jacket

Water repellant, moisture wicking and odor control

Totaling out at $329.85


Kryptek Choices:

Warm Weather Top

Breathable, quick dry and lightweight

Early Season Pant

Athletically cut, this HIGHLY BREATHABLE and fast drying MESH PANT

Layering Shirt for Cool Weather


Lightweight, moisture wicking, cooling technology, UPF 50 and antimicrobial for odor control.

This setup will cost $309.97

Kuiu - Valo

Kuiu Choices:

Warm Weather Top

Gila LS Hoodie – odor control, beathable, cooling fabric UPF50+

Early Season Pant

Tiburon Pant – breathable, UPF 50+ and durable elastic free stretch fabric

Layering Shirt for Cool Weather

Peloton 200 Zip-T Hoodie
Moisture wicking hoodie.

This setup will cost $337.00

Make Your Choice

Now that you have seen the patterns and understand what I am asking you to choose from, make your choice here.


Then increase your chances through commenting on Instagram and tagging a buddy.

Be sure to think about both the camo pattern and the environments cool mornings and evenings and warm to potentially hot sunny days.

I hope you guys make the best choice for me, I will announce the results in the coming weeks and keep you included on the trip.


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