Warmer Feet with this Process while Hunting

My cold feet aren’t a result of poor circulation, it is an effect of thermal transfer and evaporation.  Both of these things can make your feet feel like uncomfortable ice blocks in your boots.   This is the process I use to battle the problem.

Don't Layer Polyester Socks - Swap Natural Fibers

You may think that putting multiple layers of socks on will thicken the insulation around your feet but in my experience, it never works.  I have warm or hot feet that perspire constantly even when the surrounding temperature is cool.  Just the act of putting socks on and sitting still causes the slightest dampness that in effect cools my feet making them feel cold.

Using a quality single layer sock with natural fibers, like the socks I use from Fox River, can make a big difference in the length of your hunt.

Simple Steps to Warmer Feet

  1. Before I start off on my hunt, I will put a power on my feet like gold bond  body power or spray an antiperspirant on my feet and between my toes.  This will reduce some of the wetness.  
  2. Start off with a thinner hiking sock.  The thinner sock will not insulate as well and allow for perseration to leave your feet as they warm up during movement.
  3. When you stop, make note of your feet.  If they are hot or feel slightly damp and you plan on stopping for a decent amount of time or reached your tree stand or blind, make a sock change to a thicker sock and let your thinner sock air dry.  When you make your change, use a small cloth to wipe your feet between your toes to remove any excess moisture before the thicker sock goes back on.
  4. Give your boots a minute or two to let some of the moisture to escape before shoving your foot back into them.
Here I am allowing moisture to escape my boots for a few minutes for getting them back on.

During my most recent trip to the back country I used this method when I hunted and never felt that cold feet was a reason to head back to camp.  Give this method a try next time you head out and see if by thinking about cold feet before its a problem, it never becomes one.

The natural fibers of these socks feel far superior to me than the 90plus percent PLASTIC socks that are on the racks today.  Plus, Fox River Socks are made in Iowa, USA.

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