Basic Camo Set Up

These Basic Setups will get you started for early, mid and late season hunts.  

The Basics

Getting started in with a new line of camo can be both overwhelming and get expensive.  If you are looking for the basic set up to get you out in the woods with a new line of camo designed to keep you in the wild outdoors longer than your older gear, browse the camo sets below for great starter kits.  Choose the brand that fits your budget and the pattern coloring/design that best matches the background and foreground you will be hunting.  


If you are unsure of a pattern, use the Camo Matrix tool or watch the Camo Showdown videos to narrow your selections.

Asio Gear QR SCAN

Asio Gear

Browning Gear

Canis Athlete

Forloh - USA Made

Pnuma Outdoors

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