Canis Athlete Basics

The Canis Athlete Basics

CANIS gear was created based on firsthand experience in situations where others have come up short or failed. They spent two and a half years engineering their gear in Switzerland, testing it around the world, and then re-engineering based on our results. They have utilized the finest fabrics, trims, designs, and principles in the mountaineering industry, and tailored their products specifically for hardcore hunters. 

Early Season Basic Setup

Tahr Merino Long Sleeve Shirt

The CORDURA®/ Merino is an intimate-blend fabric achieving peak performance in body "Micro-Climate Management" and long-lasting durability. The ideal base layer for any season, the Merino blend is naturally breathable, wicks away sweat, and resistant to odors. $99

Alpine Light Pant

Lightweight and comfortable, the breathable Alpine Light Pant features 4-Way CORDURA® Stretch Fabric and lower leg venting zips. These are an essential for hunting when it’s warm. Wear them in early to mid-season to stay cool, or wear them when you're climbing in alpine environments.

Rogue Boonie Hat

Made with CORDURA®/ COOLMAX® water-repellent double weave fabric, the Rogue Boonie will protect you from the elements and provide the stealth cover of our CANIS proprietary Alpha Camo pattern. $45

Mid Season Basic Setup

Altai Jacket

This stretchable soft-shell jacket is constructed with 100% Stormproof CORDURA® Fabric and lined with polyester fleece. Built to withstand wind, rain, and cold, it’s the ideal companion for chilly and wet conditions any time of year. It's engineered to fit over all of our baselayers. We added large sleeve pockets to both arms to accommodate left and right handed shooters.

Alpine Pant

These medium-weight, double-weave CORDURA® Stretch Pants feature COOLMAX® material on the inner side of the legs to manage moisture and provide extra breathability. A good choice for mid to late-season conditions, especially in high altitudes. Ideal to be worn with or without base and insulation layers. The removable knee pads in these pants will save your knees in the mountains. The built-in cuff and lace hook serve as a secondary gaiter, or you can roll it under if you're hunting in trail shoes to reduce the length of the pant by two inches. $229

Tahr Merino Beanie

Made from our CORDURA®/Merino intimate blend, this will keep your noggin and ears warm without making you a sweaty mess underneath. Featuring the softness, breathability, and antimicrobial properties of Merino with the durability of a synthetic poly blend. $45

Late Season Basic Setup

Alps Hooded Down Jacket

This hooded jacket offers extra protection for a late-fall hunt to an early-season high altitude hunt. For colder temps, the Alps Hooded Down Jacket works well as an extra-warm insulation layer under our 3-layer rain jackets. The water repellent goose down will allow the jacket to maintain its loft in wet conditions. We've engineered it to stretch for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. $389

Chamois Fleece Long Sleeve

Designed with both nylon and Merino in a grid-fleece fabric, the Chamois Fleece provides the warmth of wool and the durable flexibility of synthetic fibers. This piece features optimal "Micro-Climate Management" for cool temperatures, keeping the air layer around your body dry and at a comfortable temperature. Also features durable nylon exterior for added protection against abrasion from exterior elements. $129

Chamois Fleece 3/4 Zip Bottom

The European-style nylon/Merino grid fleece improves your body’s micro-climate management, especially when worn with a Merino-base layer. These pants can be fully zipped on and off with ease to add or reduce a layer. The 3/4 length will not interfere with your boots or gaiters. These can be used under your mid-season pants or other pants. $129