The Largest Hunting Camo List

Below you will find the largest list of hunting camo available on the internet from almost 50 hunting apparel companies representing over 100 patterns, and growing.   Our goal is to provide you with the most options so you aren’t just cornered into a few brands and patterns that are available in your local outdoor store.  These are direct links to the companies that sell these brands and patterns. Look for the (*)affiliate symbol on select brands in this list, purchasing camo or products through this link supports the Camo Matrix and YouTube Camo Showdowns.  

ASAT’s challenges you that if you wear their camo, after a year, if you don’t see more game, they will buy the camo back.  What a deal!  and what if they are right!

Patterns: ASAT


They are conscious about nature and streamlined their production. They have taken all the unnecessary away, so that everything that is left – is a high quality, clean looking piece of hunting gear with a good price.

Patterns: Blindtech Invisible, Invisible II

Alaska 1795

Asio was designed for the whitetail bowhunter to keep you quiet and invisible to get you closer.

Patterns: Raptor

Badlands Gear invested time in their camo patterns Approach and Approach FX to make the most of changing environments and light.

Patterns: Approach | Approach FX

Blackstock believes so strongly in creating great performance orientated hunting and outdoor clothing in the USA, that you will not find their proprietary camouflage pattern on any product not made in the USA. If you see the Blackstock™ camouflage pattern, you know the product can carry the Made in the USA label. .

Patterns: Field

Hand chosen advanced technical fabrics based on durability, weight and quietness.  

Their pattern has been inspired by nature’s camouflage experts and custom designed with every component and feature rigorously tested
in the field by experienced hunters to ensure the precise fit, comfort, durability and performance you demand from premium technical gear.

Patterns: Braken Wear

Browning delivers a number of hunting products to get you out in nature.  Their camo patterns can be paired with firearms, packs and other gear you need.

Patterns: ATAC-AU | ATAC-TD X | Ovix

Cabela’s Patterns are available at Cabela’s and Bass Pro.  If you have been tempted, see how it performs.

Patterns: Ocatane 2

Developed to be tough, lightweight and packed with technical features, Canis is worth a look for almost any hunt.

Patterns: Alpha

Coming soon! Carolina Outdoors 

Patterns: Eastern Bear Claw

Code of Silence camo developed their S18 camo pattern by analyzing trees at an average height of 18′ off the ground.  Their camo was design to fit a broad range of trees and to keep you as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Patterns: S18

What began as a frustration with the quality and construction of hunting clothing quickly evolved into the development of a brand that seeks to understand the modern outdoorsman.

Patterns: Wetland, Midland, Woodland

Born in the Olympics, Eberlestock’s technical gear is a great choice for many hunters.  

Patterns: Mirage | Mountain | Sky

First Lite has products for the treestand, back 40 and a week long adventure in the back country.  Designed for hunting in the heart of Idaho!

Patterns: Cipher | Fusion | Specter | Typha

Innovative, technical and made by hunters in the USA.  Supporting Forloh gets you great gear with a lifetime warranty.

Patterns: Deep Cover | Exposed

Innovative, technical and made by hunters in the USA.  Supporting Forloh gets you great gear with a lifetime warranty.

4 patterns to choose from, family owned and American made.

Patterns: Hidden Timber | IM Brush | Rockstar | Property Edge

God’s Country Camo has been around since 2004 and made up a just a 3 person team.  Their number one goal is glorifying God while sharing their Faith and love of Hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors

Patterns: Early Season | Late Season | Avalanche | Blush | Refuge

Founded in Bancroft, Ontario, the Great Canadian Camouflage™ Company is an all-Canadian company dedicated to developing and testing camouflage patterns specifically geared to Canadian environments.

Patterns: Borealis

Gulch LLC, founded in 2014, is a company that focuses on crafting simplistic functional camouflage apparel using Toray® and Polartec® fabrics and manufacturing in the USA.

Patterns: Cross Cover Axle | Cross Cover Brown | Cross Cover Grey

All outdoor environments have a dynamic highlight + shadow presence which intesifies with light. The HIDEN EXILE Camo Pattern was designed specifically to capitalize on this natural effect and to truly break up your shape with dramatic foreground highlights and a soft independent camo background. The result is the ability to blend into multiple environments and confuse game when movement has you pegged. Hide in the wide open with the all new HIDEN EXILE Camo pattern.

Patterns: Arid Exile | Backwoods Exile

Hunters Element is committed to using leading edge fabrics, advanced design techniques and the highly effective Desolve® Camouflage patterns. Hunters Element gear is designed and tested to ensure it performs when you need it to while lasting longer.

Patterns: Desolve Veil

 Huntworth’s passion for premier products and camo patterns grew into Huntworth® Gear – offering edgy technical gear that performs at the top of its class, without breaking the bank.

 Patterns: Disruption | Hidd’n | Tarnen

It’s created around the idea that you should be able to get quality clothing and equipment without breaking the bank, and designed to keep you comfortable in the most extreme climates and terrain. 

Patterns: Big Sky | K2 

Known for its life long use and quality natural materials, King of the Mountain may have a high price tag but it will last a lifetime and keep you warm in almost any environment.  Made in the USA.

Patterns: Taramac

established in 1995, King’s Camo has grown to produce gear to accompany you on all of your hunts. 

Patterns: Desert Shadow | Mountain Shadow | XK7

From blockbuster films like Jurassic World, Furious 7, and The Expendables 3, to top grossing video games like Call of Duty and Tom Clancy, Kryptek camouflage has proven its effectiveness both onscreen and off.

Patterns: Altitude | Highlander | Mandrake | Obskura | Skyfall

KUIU is obsessed with engineering the world’s most innovative performance hunting gear. Our founder, Jason Hairston, had a vision for hunting gear that pushed the boundaries of performance, ultralight weight, and technology development. KUIU lives that vision every day with our customers and employees.

Patterns: Valo | Verde | Vias

Over the years, we’ve grown from our simple beginnings as a camouflage company to the embodiment of the outdoors lifestyle. Since 1986, Mossy Oak has not only provided hunters and outdoors people with effective concealment, but with a symbol of their love of the outdoors in their daily lives.

Patterns: Bottomland | Bottomland Original | Break Up Country | Country DNA | Terra Gila | Treestand | Obsession

Natural Gear is centered around camouflage science, research and results with a primary purpose in mind, to make you more successful on your hunt. Because our focus and priority is centered around blending in, we rely on several advanced scientific principles that we developed over years of research.

Patterns: Original | SC2 Green

New View Hunting developed their camo patterns after a lengthy study of the colors and shapes of the outdoors with a team of dedicated staff members.  Check out their products here. 

You can find their products on Amazon, but not the two patterns featured on our channel.

Patterns: Woods | All-Around

Nomad has a large variety of Camo products and patterns available for you to choose from.

Patterns: Veil Cervidae | Veil Whitetail

Origin USA has been teasing a line of hunting camo for about a year.  When it is available, look for it here.

Patterns: Origin?

Pnuma Outdoors is committed to providing the best performing gear on the market, regardless of weather conditions. They tirelessly seek out the most revolutionary fabrics, technology, and patterns, and if they can’t find something that meets our expectations, they develop something that will. 

Patterns: Caza | Terra

Predator Camo is recognized and the original creator of the open pattern.  For over 20 years, they have been helping serious hunters become successful.

Patterns: Brown Deception | Spring Green | Fall Grey | Green Deception

Prym1 Camo® was built as a concealment solution for outdoors men and women that need to be concealed and blend into their surroundings at all times. Their patterns allow full flexibility of movement through various terrains, by utilizing the depth of colors, shadows and highlights with the organic shapes found on predators in the wild. Unlike the traditional ‘sticks & leaves’ camouflage or the typical pixelated digital patterns, Prym1 Camo® was designed and built on the basis of being a true hybrid camo, forged from the elements of nature.

Patterns: MP

Quick Camo is a family run company based in Idaho with an ingenious idea that incorporates a face mask into your hunting hat.  With one hand go from mostly concealed with your camo to fully concealed and ready for the shot.  Explore their line leafy suits and leafy gloves in many patterns along with their line of hunting gear.  QuickCamo will get your fully concealed faster when seconds matter.

Patterns: Mossy Oak and Real Tree

Started in 1983 in the back of a boat dealership, RealTree has made its way onto almost everyone that hunts.  Patterns from RealTree can be found in almost every outdoor store and even regular department stores in every corner of the modern world. 

Patterns: Edge | Excape | Max5 | Timber | Wav3X | XK7

Rocky started as a shoe company in Ohio in the 1930’s.  The brand has grown throughout the the years and still produces their shoes here in the USA.  The Rocky Venator camo is a  good option for those of you looking for something a little different that is still as effective as many other brands.

Patterns: Venator

Based in Denmark, Seeland offers a pattern mostly available in the UK.  IF you are looking for an alternate pattern and a quality product. Going outside the US may be an option. 

Patterns: InVis Green

Made in Canada and sourced from the USA, they believe wool is the best fabric for keeping you warm and comfortable in any situation. Silent Predator’s goal is to get you into quality wool hunting clothing that allows you to blend in with the surroundings without letting the price stop you.

Patterns: Stealth Brown | Grey Ghost

SITKA Big Game products are specifically designed for hunters facing these unique challenges. From the hottest early seasons to subzero late seasons and tight timber to vantage points on skyline ridges, their highly-tuned systems are built to enhance performance with advanced fabrics, specialized design, and the only concealment patterns on the market that are scientifically designed to confuse the vision of big game animals.

Patterns: SubAlpine | Open Country | | Elevated II | Timber | Marsh

See3D was born while the creator was hunting with his 14 year old son.

Realizing that their old hunting camo clothes were not quite good enough for bowhunting, they wanted to get within yards of your deer and wanted something that would make them invisible to deer.

So they invested in 3D camo suits. Always Made in the USA

Patterns: See3D

Designed for performance, endurance, and reliability.
The SIXSITE line is designed with the knowledge gained through the SEAL team as well as working in extreme environments. SIXSITE gear is adaptive and proven to get you closer to the animals, no matter the environment.

Always Made in the USA

Patterns: Rana Brown, Rana Grey

Skre Gears quality products area priced great to get a full set of items engineered for the active hunter.  Backed with a lifetime warranty and a VIP size exchange program, giving them a try is a no brainer.

Patterns: Solace | Summit

Thlete’s passion for whitetail hunting is the reason they develop their products, plain and simple. The brand is built around a lifestyle that hunters enjoy. 

Patterns: Deadfall | Early Harvest

The unique arrangement of TREEZYN allows you to become any environment of your choice. Whether it be the early spring and fall or the late season hard woods, you can hunt with confidence knowing that you wear the most versatile, silhouette vexing camo pattern available today.

Patterns: Early Seezyn | Late Seezyn

True Timber has a number of camo patterns that can be found on many brands throughout the hunting world.  Some patterns are simple backgrond mimickry of the trees where others are digital macro patterns meant to conceal the shape of the hunter.  There are many to choose from and below you will find a few places to check them out.

Patterns: 02 Whitetail | HTC Green | Kenati | Prairie | Strata | VSX

Through hard-won insight TUSX strives to apply understanding and awareness into creating practical solutions to benefit the avid, dedicated hunter.  

Patterns: OmniVeil

From the days of just being an under armor from the cold to a full line of active wear, Under Armour camo patterns have been worn by some of the elite’s.  The patterns seem to be a mesh of the old woodland camo with new technology mixed in.  

Patterns: Barren | Forest | Forest 2

Veil Camo patterns have been leased and developed for many of the hunting apparel companies out there.  Their new line of camo is available directly from them. 

Patterns: Chaos | Verdant | West River

VuniGear promises comfort to stay out longer so you can be more focused and have more success. Vuni will bring fit, feel, and function to an entirely new level.

Patterns: Vunigear

WhiteTail Forensics is a family-owned private company, and as avid hunters and outdoorsman, they are passionate about the advantage that WTFCAMO will provide in the field. Their vision was to create a deer hunting camouflage based upon the science of deer vision.

Patterns: WTFCamo

When Wonrate Gear’s founder first saw the pattern of his unborn daughter’s heartbeat on a heartbeat monitor, he immediately receive the inspiration for the Wonrate Camouflage pattern.  The pattern that was developed is a truly deceptive shape concealing pattern.  

Patterns: Wonrate Pattern

Developed for the purpose of having a functional, comfortable, and fashionable apparel line for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Patterns: HD | OG