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Cooler Dryer Odor Free and Protected from the SunWhether you play by the sea or the lakes and rivers you are going to love our colorful compass designs on our most popular SolAir shirts. This crew neck styling on the most technologically advanced warm weather shirt on the planet featuring FORLOH’s flagship cooling technology brrrA(R) Pro. The brrrA(R) Pro technology features cooling minerals directly built into the fibers. This UPF shirt keeps you cooler immediately proven in lab testing to keep your skin temperature -3.5F +/- cooler during and after the rigors of any outdoor activity.brrrA(R) Pro promotes hyper wicking drying your shirt in minutes by expanding the wicking properties of the fabric by over 300%. Furthermore it boasts a world-leading 50+ UPF rating providing protection from prolonged sun exposure where covered.As in all Forloh’s base layers both warm and cold weather collections we have employed PolygieneA(R) Stay Fresh antimicrobial and Odor Crunch scent control systems keeping you fresh and undetectable to prey and humans alike. This crew neck style warm weather shirt is our most versatile warm weather ‘next to skin’ layer for all your outdoor adventures.NOTE: Fits true to size relaxed fit. FeaturesBrrrA(R) Pro enhanced cooling minerals hyper-wicking accelerated dryingPolygieneA(R) Stay Fresh eliminates odors formed by bacteriaPolygieneA(R) Odor Crunch eliminates foreign odors50+ UPF rating enhanced by the BrrrA(R) Pro technology and proofed by AATCC ultraviolet protection test 183-2010 Elastic lightweight material with 4-way stretch for mobilitySpecifications100% sourced and Made in AmericaPolyester/Spandex 90%/10%SKU – 11532_Men’s SolAir UPF Long Sleeve Shirt




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