Guide Gear Steadfast 4-in-1 Hunting Parka 150 Gram Thinsulate Platinum with X-Static Waterproof


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Stay out longerThe Steadfast 4-in-1 Parka is our premier extreme-cold/extreme-wet weather hunting jacket delivering the kind of warmth that will keep you in the field long after others have surrendered to the cold. By combining a waterproof outer shell with a 150-gram Thinsulate Platinum insulated liner we created a Parka that can stand up to sleet snow blistering cold temps hard north winds and everything else that can send you running for the truck.17236342244-in-1 design 4-in-1 versatility: wear it the way you want it.Four ways to wear it for the max in adaptability: wear the uninsulated outer shell on its own for windy or rainy conditions when you don’t need the warmth; wear the liner jacket on its own for warmth in chilly early-season weather with either its camo or solid green side out; or with the outer shell and liner jacket together for serious cold-weather protection.672564_4p1_ts.jpg100% waterproof Guide Dry waterproof/breathable technologyGuide Dry waterproof/breathable technology is our top level of waterproof protection and it’s a key ingredient in our 4-in-1 Hunting Parka. How does it work? It’s simple. Water molecules are larger than vapor molecules. Guide Dry features a special membrane with tiny pores that prevent larger water molecules from penetrating the exterior. Meanwhile smaller vapor molecules are able to pass through transferring body heat and sweat from the inside out. The result is 100% waterproof protection without the stuffy feel of traditional waterproof material. It’s all about keeping you in your comfort zone longer so you can take your adventure to the next level without worrying about the weather.GuideDry-Graphic-with-icons_tsThinsulate Platinum with X-Static Thinsulate Platinum with X-Static: Lightweight warmth and effective scent control.Thinsulate Platinum insulation goes above and beyond standard insulation delivering MORE warmth with LESS bulk along w


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